Set 100 PREMIUM VIZIO-TOTAL® Face-shields

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Premium, adjustable poly-carbonate face-shield, with added reinforcement


Made out of solid poly-carbonate, this face-shield has a reinforced upper band, which ensures pivotal and structural support, also, due to the industrial standard at which it is manufactured, renders it virtually indestructible under normal use and strain.

Usage: personal health and safety equipment. It is mainly recommended in any industrial environment, however, it is highly recommended in the medical sector, as it is the front line of protection against any bacterial contact, especially the new COVID-19 viral epidemic. It offers full-face coverage and protects the user, as well as people in the immediate vicinity, against normal human reflexes (sneezes and coughs)


  • This product is certified by the Scientific Defense Research Center as well as the National Defense Ministry, by (Cert. Nr. 83 / 2020) under the current stipulations regarding this type of product: SR EN 166:2003, SR EN 168:2001 si SR EN 14605 : 2010 (See certificates bellow)

Characteristics and benefits

  • It can be DISINFECTED or DECONTAMINATED through standard chemical solutions recommended by the Health Ministry, as well as, heating the surface up to, but not exceeding 120 degrees Celsius, thus eliminating any bacterial presence through both methods.
  • It does not contain any materials in it's construction that may obstruct decontamination, such as neoprene, felt or any type of padding.
  • It is REUSABLEdue to it's all solid poly-carbonate tile construction, a 1 mm approach has been selected for the face-shield, and a 2 mm option for the headband, thus having a greater advantage in strength and durability over the other competitive options on sale at the present time (made out of PETg, APET, clear PVC or other transparent films)
  • ONE SIZE FITS-ALL a very intuitive and user-friendly fastening system, is made possible by threading heavy-duty straps through cast PVC buckles, thus providing the user a widely adjustable face-shield. This gives the wearer the ability to use our product with overalls, face-masks, goggles or reading glasses.
  • SIZE OF THE SHIELD a quite generous protective surface of 310 by 250 mm, allows the user to benefit from a 180 degree protection from outside sneezes and coughs, which may carry airborne bacteria.
  • It is RECLINING, the shield can be lifted out of view when not needed
  • very ERGONOMIC and also comfortable in mid to long-term use, as the fastening system allows the user to adjust to varying degrees of tightness .
  • Handling temperatures: from -40 up to +110 degrees Celsius
  • increased Transparency ensures that visibility will not be impaired by optical distortions.
  • regarding anti-fogging, being that the shield is distanced from the users face by the fastening system, in order to accommodate goggles or FFFP2 and FFFP3 masks, image blurring through condensation, will not be an issue.
  • Does not cause irritation of the eyes or skin
  • the raw material used in the construction of this product is 100% recyclable.

Declaratie de conformitateTechnical certificateFisa tehicaChemical resistance chartFisa tehicaManual
After removing the protective film, sterilize the face-shield using the recommended chemical solution.


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